6 Ways to Stay Active in Retirement

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Retirement is a new stage in life and one that is full of possibilities if you take advantage of it. Too often, those who have spent most of their life working hard may now find the abundance of time hard to fill or may find it difficult to get motivated. Finding ways to stay active in retirement is sometimes essential to maintaining physical and mental health. Not sure where to get started? Below are just a few simple ways to keep active during your retirement. 

1. Explore Your World

A sense of adventure should not fade, and the perfect time to get out and explore the world around you may be during retirement. Come up with a list of places you have always wanted to see and a plan to get there. Plan a long-term vacation, hit the road in a van or RV, or even adventure out on hiking trails around your area. There is plenty to explore no matter how close or far away from home you are.1

2. Take a Class

Ready to try your hand at yoga, or have you always dreamed of learning how to salsa dance? With your extra time, you may be able to attend classes you have always considered, as well as have the time to hone your new skills.1

3. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is a great way to stay active, interact with new people, and help support your favorite charities. There are many volunteer opportunities that are designed to suit any skill level, which may allow you to use your talents, time, and effort to help causes that may be dear to your heart.1

4. Foster a Pet

If you are looking for a companion to enjoy your retirement with, you might want to consider fostering a pet. Plenty of pets need a good home, and exercising and playing with them is a great way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.1

5. Start a New Hobby

Another option to keep your body active and mind sharp in retirement is to start up a new hobby. Gardening helps you get outside, get some physical activity, and maintain a beautiful yard all at the same time. Golfing and water sports are also activities that may help you stay mentally and physically healthy. If you live alone, you may want to find a group interested in the same hobby to allow you to satisfy your social needs as well.2

6. Start a New Business

If work remains an integral part of your life and something you enjoy, why not consider starting up a new business? Utilize the business skills you learned through your working life and combine them with something you enjoy doing to come up with a business that helps keep you active and may even make you a little extra money during retirement.2


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