Natural Ways to Maintain Good Health This Fall

Brian Cody |

We all want to know the secret to staying healthy as the weather turns a colder leaf, and these are just some of the ways you can keep both your physical and mental well-being in check throughout the next few months.

Make yourself a priority

Work is busier than ever with the end of the year approaching and fall events are in full swing, but don’t forget to make time for yourself. Whether this means saying no to that last-minute plan, making time for a fitness class in the morning or evening, or putting away the technology for a few hours, don’t forget to check in with your mental health frequently.

Shop local

Farmer’s markets are still happening, so head to your nearest one to take advantage of the best seasonal produce, unique charcuterie, and more local goods. Support your community and whip up something tasty all by taking a Saturday stroll through the market.

Take walks often

The days may be getting shorter and the air crisper, but try to get outside as often as possible. An early morning walk can be just what you need to get your day started, and the same goes for ending your day with a mile or two around the neighborhood. Take this time to remind yourself of what there is to be grateful for, catch up on your favorite podcast, or unplug altogether.

Don’t forget Vitamin D

There’s a reason Vitamin D supplements are increasing in popularity: as our time in the sun lessens, our body’s need for this essential vitamin increases. You may not be getting sun exposure by the beach anymore, but don’t let that impact how much Vitamin D you’re getting.

These tips are sure to keep your health in top shape all autumn long.


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